Sandalwood & Sheabutter Shaving Soap Puck by Parker (100 g)

Parker Sandalwood and Sheabutter Shaving Soap Refill (100 g)

Sandalwood & Sheabutter Shaving Soap Puck by Parker (100 g):

Parker's Sandalwood and Sheabutter shaving soap contains extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and sandalwood essential oil to give an irritation free shave.

The natural ingredients ensure that Parker's shaving soap will soothe, nourish and moisturise the skin while shaving.

When used with a shaving brush, only a very little soap is required to produce a rich, creamy and bubble free lather.

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Only: £6.50


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Adrian Kirk - (4 of 5)

Recommended this by a friend - excellent shave but have to say I'm not fussed about the smell

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